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Monaghan - ATE / Kate


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Hi there,


Just registered here, from Sydney and posting to see how you all rate Michael Monagahan.


Unfortunately he left the club I support Manly Warringah Sea Eagles. And so far this season we are 0 from 2 with a game to be played tonight. We desperately miss Monnas.


PS - If my sydney posters under the name of Amercian Triology Eagle or Kate read this message please email me on danandbuzz@hotmail.com


Look forward to your thoughts on Michael.

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I have met Michael a few times since he joined the Wolves - and if you are missing him you can see some interviews with him here


Seems a decent, honest, hard working Rugby league player.

Unfortunately he has been carrying a leg injury while playing for the Wolves and I think the best is still to come.

Meanwhile Chris Hicks has been a revelation and of the three Aussie signings, the other being Matt King, I believe Hicks has made the biggest impact.

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Since he's been at Warrington I feel he is a hooker playing halfback. He hardly ever runs at the defensive line consequently he's easy to nullify by the opposition. He relies on a quick hard pass to put other players through the line which is all well and good providing you've got fast back row forwards who can spot defensive gaps. Warrington haven't got this type of player on the books. It's a pack of prop forwards. A blend in the pack means something from Starbucks at this club. I agree with Gary Skent on this one..Chris Hicks has been the pleasant surprise of the three signings. The other two have been a disappointment until now. Whether this will change with the arrival of better pitches and if it ever stops persisting down with rain, only time will tell if they are quality signings or not. I did hear that Matt King is homesick but don't know if it's true. Only somebody who has experienced genuine homesickness knows what it's like. I have and I can tell you it's like being ill all the time.

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Thanks for your thoughts on Michael and Chris Hicks, both of whom are ex Manly players. And who happened to be my favourites..


With regards to Michael, he left us so he could play in the halves, and yes, last year he played hooker but delved into the halfback realm at the same time, plus the Manly forwards are quick and fit so it sounds like he is still playing like he did for us last year, he was quite successful for us and is sadly missed this year let me tell you.


Micahel also did a lot of charity work with very ill children, he was very compassionate and the kids loved him.


Chris Hicks, has always been talented and those that support Manly loved him. He was quite underrated though in the NRL in general terms, but never let Manly down, he played backup positions, kicked goals when need be, very versatile player. Was one of the quickest in the NRL last year too. And could always find the try line. We miss him too, although Michael's loss has been felt a bit harder, due to the nature of players we have in the current team.


Anyway guys we won on Moday night 52 - 6 so registered our first win. So hopefully we are on the up.


Whats wrong with Michael's leg?

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Michael has been carrying a leg injury for most of his time at Warrington and playing in the mud last Saturday probably didn't help!

Glad to see your team has started winning - and convincingly - I hope we will see the Wolves notch up 50 in the Super League this season.

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