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Oooh I've just got 'LGV (HGV) Driving Jobs' on here. Is that cos of you Baz and it's got confused :shock::oops::lol:


Cleo... surely you have sussed out the ads and how they change mostly according to topic by now cos you're on here more than me and the reast :wink::lol: Some have been rather amusing lately.


They also change for you personally depending what else you have been looking at on the internet away from the forum pages. I was getting car insurance ones on here the other day. All thanks to good old goolge etc like Gary says and web cookies etc.












.... just trying to see what might pop up for me now :lol:

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Maybe they think you are a man. :wink: But I didn't know they were googlies, or that they corresponded to the topic or whatever I had been browsing on the net. That must be why I usually get such sweet, often flowery, banners. :wink::)


How appropriate. At this time it's an ad for MBA by Distant Learning. I certainly learned something today! :):D:lol:


Anyway the reason I asked was because of the spelling mistakes.

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I have just had an offer to become a co owner of triodos bank. think they want about £10.00 for controlling interest or it might be 10 billion not sure as my glasses need cleaning. :shock:


Hey Sid, you can get glasses with tiny windscreen wipers on them these days. May be suitable for you. :lol::lol::lol:

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The banners have always displayed something related to the topic under discussion but what’s really miffing me off at the moment are those bloody annoying meaningless blue words scattered at random through the news reports. They seem to have no relevance to anything and just pop up random junk advertising if the mouse accidentally moves across them.


Wordwide’s news pages have hit a new low with this kind of unwanted advertising and are getting nearly as bad as the Guardians.


Bill :(

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Well that’s odd because there’s no malware being reported. I just assumed this was Gary using a more aggressive form of revenue generating advertising. If others are using popup blockers then maybe that’s why you’re not seeing them???


Just to check, open the top news story for today (The dream is over), wait a few seconds then see if two or three of the words in the main body of the text turn blue rather like a hyperlink. It brings up a popup if the mouse passes over the text.


If it were malware, then the links would probably direct things to some dodgey site but all the links seem completely benign i.e. Utube, wikipedia etc. Strange!


BTW I made some words blue here to illustrate exactley what I see.


Bill :)

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