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Fresh Fish door knockers doing the rounds


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Don't quote me, but I think you will find they are o.k. They called on us this morning (although we didn't buy anything) but I think we had a "cold call" prior to this about a week or so ago asking whether we were interested. We weren't. They had a white transit van loaded with fish, and they are probably just a couple of blokes trying to earn a bob or two. Worth having a look in the van next time to make sure, but don't leave house unattended! If buying fish by weight, check their scales!



I know you said "don't quote me" Middlec but I had to so you knew I was replying to you :wink:


Thanks for that. Sounds like they might have been genuine then, Were the ones who called at yours really grubby and scruffy too. Maybe today's was a cold call too as like I said they didn't seem to have anything with them. No idea if the old white transit that passed a few minutes later was with them but may have been from what you said.


Nothing wrong with a few blokes trying to earn a bob or two but maybe the ones who came here (if that's what they were doing) should at least consider smartening themselves up a bit and maybe having a wash etc so they get more sales and look more genuine etc. :oops:<_<

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Not all us Irish are dodgy Dizzy :shock: :shock:


Oooh Asp I didn't mean that. I was just saying they sounded Irish and it was their words and their looks etc that seemed dodgy not their actualy accent.


Have you got an Irish accent :D If so can I give you my phone number so I can hear you speak instead of reading your words on here. Cracking accent and I could listen to it all day. I rather like the accent of the local gypsies/static travellers around here too and love being in the local shop when they are in.


Eeek not saying you are a traveller by the way... actually thinking about it you are cos you go all over the place on a boat.


I think I'd better stop now before I need a JCB to dig my hole deeper :unsure:

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