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*performance v Wakefield


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Against my better judgement once again I broke my sabbatical and travelled to Belle Vue. In all the decades, including the darkest of days at Wilderspool have I witnessed such a witless gutless and shabby display from a Warrington team. They couldn't muster a single worthwhile move all the game. Looking at the team almost every position is filled by an international player. Wakefield have a lengthy injury list with half their team I'd never heard of yet even so they totally bossed the game from start to finish. When oh when will the penny drop that these Wire players simply don't want to play for the present Warrington coach. Has this man no pride ? Does he really care about Warrington RLFC ? the club he claims to have closest to his heart? If he had a modicum of common decency he would walk away from the job for the sake of this club and it's supporters. Have you any idea what it's like to stand on the terraces and listen to the opposition supporters not booing and cursing the Wire but laughing at them ? It wasn't a very pleasant experience and I wished I could have been anywhere but stood there at Belle Vue.

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I agree with Gary on this one, Safeway.


We have three Australian players, new to the country, who must be in complete shock at the weather conditions they are experiencing.


I was told by Monaghan last Saturday evening that, 'We'll be good next time'. Little could he have dreamnt that he'd be playing in snow!


I firmly believe that we will improve considerably once the weather improves.


See you in two years! :crazy:

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Australian players have been coming here for many years even when we had Winter football. These players managed the climate and pitches as well as any of the home grown players. Are the present day Aussie players so soft they can't play the game when the weather is a tad on the cold side ? If so the big Jessies should stay at home in the sun and the surf. *Sorry, I can't play today, my hands are so cold* Well boo freakin' hoo.

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