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Here's another one you won't like

harry hayes

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Thanks for the messages on the birthday forum. Not posted on that side for quite a while. A day late with this one.




Eighty years old as of today,

Feeling only 78;

Still seeking greener pastures,

But can no longer climb the gate.


Young at heart, but no-where else,

No sin for many moons;

Candle power could heat the Crem,

Only action - that of prunes.


My dreams have lost their future,

Dwell in fields of yesterday;

Still, no time in life is perfect,

Enjoy it come what may.


The niagara tablets don't seem to work,

Sexual uplift is a truss;

Still look at pretty women,

Cleftomania the only plus.


What might have been has vanished,

Grace and vigour no longer there;

Best utter words unspoken,

As you whisper when in prayer.


Hankies and socks for the birthday boy,

The worst punster you'll ever meet;

No present is to be sniffed at,

And eighty's no mean feat.


So here I am at a ripe old age,

Allowed to repent at leisure;

Thinking of so many friends,

Denied that simple pleasure.



Thanks for reading. Happy days

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Harry you have a lovely way with words although sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry. They are all superb and you really should think about publishing them all in a book in some way. (yeah I know I've said that many times before)


Suggestions for a title anyone ?


Go easy on those prunes though and watch out for more niagara 'falls' :wink::lol:

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Errrm just a minute Harry.... what do you mean that your 'feel your views are a little antiquated in the discussion forums'.


With the wealth of life's experiences that you have I for one have always valued your views and input and apart from that your memories of how things 'used to be' and 'used to work' are a fascinating 'history' lesson in their own right too.


Don't be put off posting just because you think others may not agree etc .... it's never stopped me :wink::lol:

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And don't be put off publishing because you think others would not be interested in what you have written. You may be pleasantly surprised. Millions of people have an interest in poetry and millions of people have an interest in local history. So stop using that as an excuse. Pull up your socks, flex your writing muscle, hold onto your head and go for it full speed ahead but don't break any legal speed limits! :D

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Harry don't stop the odes or the posting. As one of the few sane people on here your opinion is both valued and treasured by many.


As a part time poet and full time idle bugger I would suggest that you do something along the line that I did. i got to grips with microsoft publisher and produced my own small booklet of poems. the first issue contained about ten or twelve. Since then I have managed to work up to another two issues and am currently (well for the last couple of years) working on book four. each has about ten or twelve in them.


You may not think they are appreciated but mine have travelled the world via internet and parcel post and as a few members on here will tell you they have enjoyed them. One of my wife's relatives who lives down south has all three of my finished books and has read them at poetry readings, or so she has me believe. whether they were well received I have not been vain enough to ask, but she keeps asking me when the next one is due out.


so get them all together and get them in hard copy even if it just for your personal or family amusement. You never know in the future they may just take off and be a big hit with the nation.

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Harry, I'm gonna make you a once only offer. If you cannot be bothered to do it yourself, send me some of your material. I will format and illustrate them for you then you just need to burn them to a cd and give/send them to a printer/publisher to print them out for you, if you do not have a good quality printer to do them yourself. 8)

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My cup runneth over. Still got some poems in the pipe-line. Been offered help by my (tardy) youngest and on the poetry forum. My son is very good at that type of thing but is a busy man.


Evil Sid's suggestion seems very good and Cleo's offer is unbelievable.

will probably try family first to save hurt feelings.


I am ever so grateful for the advice and helpful offer made above.


Many thanks Happy days

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