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Flood Warnings Issued for Sankey Brook Area


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It's not rained for hours now so what's that all about then :unsure:


water continues to drain into the drainage system, ie: canal, streams, rivers and drains for a while after it stops raining so the danger of flooding exists for some time after the rain has stopped.


Because it is not raining where you are it does not mean it is not raining elsewhere.

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St Helen's is getting a watery bashing but had to giggle where it said 'Watery Lane' is closed due to flooding.


It's flooded at Langtree Park stadium too according to the other news.... hope it's ok for Saturday's play off match :unsure::shock:


Anyway, back to Sankey, sorry.......

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Despite all the doom & gloom I can never see Warrington suffering anything other than small localised flooding and that will probably be caused by poor drainage caused by the lack of maintenance to Warrington's drainage system as a result of negligence due to Council cost cutting, our major problem is when there is a massive influx of water running off the Pennines around Saddleworth into the River Thame and other feeder streams and on into the Mersey and this would only happen when the Mersey has an extremely high tide meeting water running from upstream and most of will run off via the Ship Canal being sluiced off into the river at Weston Point or Eastham.

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