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Longevity for men ?


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Is male castration the answer - to a long life that is ?


Chop 'em off chaps and you can chat on here for many more years to come :lol:


What do you recon though? Any thruth in it or just another bunch of scientists paid to come up with something new :unsure:


I'm saying nothing more at this point as certain word choices in the article are making me giggle... Really sad I know and at my age I should know better, but it's been raining today remember :oops:

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I told Hamada about this and sort of suggested maybe...

The air turned blue with a string of arabic swear words, which I will not bother to translate because it will just be deleted immediately. :lol:

He left the room and went downstairs but immediately came back up and asked if I had meant it? :lol::lol::lol:

He was rather relieved when I assured him that I would not part him from his jewels for all the gold in Egypt. :D

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