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Bridge foot lane changes

Evil Sid

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I had one today.... sat opposite the retail park, lights on green, but my lane (Causeway) was backed right up. I stayed at the lights; waiting until I could get across without sitting in the middle of nowhere and so blocking traffic from Mersey Street should the lights change before I could move. An old woman in a car full of old women behind me blasted her horn and was frantically pointing at the green light. I stayed where I was and she carried on beeping and shaking her head.


Lights went to green and I drove off.... got down the Causeway and at the moment, past the lights coming up to Morrisons the traffic lane width is restricted while they carry out works. Now normally and even though it isn't marked as two lanes, people going to Morrisons form a second lane to get past the traffic heading into Stockton Heath. There are signs everywhere advising the carriageway narrows, but the same old woman was behind me so I sat in the middle of the lane to prevent a "two lanes into one" scenario at the lights. Again I got horn beeping, head shaking and she was sat right on my rear corner desperately trying to get past me..... Now seeing as my car was walloped earlier in the year and they had it for two months while they fixed it; I decided against slamming on and letting her cough up another 10k to fix it..


She looked rather sheepish when she realised the lane went really narrow and as I turned towards Morrisons, she turned too.... I resisted the temptation of going into Morrisons ahead of her and waiting for her to park up....


Not just young ones who don't have a clue or are impatient it seems!!

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