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last gasp victory at Jungle


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Broke my sabbatical yesterday and I must say it was a pleasure to be on the Wheldon Road ground. A good old fashioned RL location. You can watch the game very close to the action. No annoying person on the tannoy every two minutes telling you to get off the yellow lines, watch yer language etc etc. There was even a couple of old codgers pouring drinks from their thermos flasks which of course are considered to be deadly weapons at the HJ. You can even indulge in a fag at the back of the stand and still watch the game through the entrance of the stand.The Cas club treat their fans as adults not as wayward children which happens at the HJ. As to the game itself. I thought it was deadly dull. As soon as Lee Briers went off injured it was clear to me if this was to be a Wire win it would be an ugly one, which proved to be a pretty accurate assessment. Having a solitary playmaker in the team just doesn't work. Loose forwards and hookers can't play halfback. The coach seems to have an aversion to halfbacks which says to me he still doesn't know what he's doing. Yes, I do know Monaghan was rested but even so the team should have an alternative. It doesn't. That's one of the reasons for my sabbatical.

See you in two years.

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err Safeway - you may have noticed our other "half backs" Grix and Bridge are both long term casualties, who were both part of the bigger picture this year and both more than capable players.

Monaghan being rested and Briers going off injured left little other option and with the salary cap restrictions in place no likelihood of an alternative.

A win is a win and I must say I am enjoying seeing Warrington Wolves second in the league.

Last season's team would have lost at the Jungle and would have probably lost at home to Huddersfield.

So take off those anti-Cullen blinkers and support the team you say you have supported all your live.


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Halfback is considered to be perhaps the most important position on the field. Why then if that player is injured do we have the option of three prop forwards or a sub standard hooker to take his place ? Prop forwards are ten a penny while quality halfbacks are hard to find. Chris Bridge is very injury prone and Simon Grix is even worse, if he passed me in the street I wouldn't recognise him he's played so few games for Warrington. To my mind one of the bench positions must be filled by a quality halfback. We've too many bone-headed forwards and not enough players with a modicum of footballing grey matter.Losing the playmaker means we're back to the old biff bash which never won anybody anything.

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