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How can anyone expect that to happen.?


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God only knows and it brings tears to my eyes everytime I hear about it.


Absolutely awful and my heart goes out to all of them and to their families.


How on earth will the two little kiddies ever get over such an attrocity and the traumas associated with what they have been subjected to along with having to deal with losing their parents too.


There are some complete and utterly sick bastards in the world who don't deserve to be walking the earth !!

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Speculation of course, but this has all the signs of a professional hit or revenge killing. :shock:

Very sad situation, however obs I said exactly the same thing it looks very much like a professional assassination job, seemingly he was an Iraqi and was involved in high tech aerial photography, whoever was responsible also shot the only witness, thank god they slipped up with not killing the two children although on the news one was in hospital in an induced coma.

CIA?. :unsure:

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