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open top bus

Evil Sid

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After reading the article on the front page yesterday I began to wonder if network warrington know something about the upcoming weather patterns that the rest of the country don't.


After having had almost constant rain since January,(when we had constant snow), they have invested in an open top bus which you can hire . Now don't get me wrong the thought of tootling along on an open top bus the wind in, (what's left of),my hair is great but does our climate (weather if you are a native brit) make such an idea so sound an investment.


Would you consider hiring it for a wedding can't say that I would but then I have no taste in such matters and it may be the height of chic to arrive at the church on a bus.

How about a sightseeing tour, might be a possibility depending on where you went.

Corporate event. do they have such things in these days of belt tightening.


I do hope that the investment pays off and they are not stuck with a bus that only goes out to get checked over t the testing station.


So Good idea or bad idea?

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Warrington's never had an open-top bus before* mainly because the railway bridges are of sufficient height for double deckers to pass through unhindered. There's a bridge in Stockport near the B&Q which has claimed a few "scalps" over the years. Those canal bridges though - well, thankfully that's rare enough to be a once-in-a-hundred-years event in Warrington. Little resale value in step-entrance double deckers, as they have to be withdrawn from public service by the end of 2016. So presumably more value in terms of goodwill as a promotional/private hire vehicle, and the lion's share of the conversion work had already been done, umm.


If Wolves keep up the good work, that's at least one booking per year! I'm told that open-toppers also go down well at the Races as a mobile viewing platform. :wink:


* OK pedants, the very early double-deckers from the Edwardian period were all open-top!

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Well there's our historic landmark buildings, oh hang on they have knocked most of them down haven't they.


How about our lovely country side, nope they have built house on that.


I suppose there is always the cemetery, the town hall and er ........................that's about it really. :|:mrgreen:


I am sure there must be some sights worth seeing in the area.......anybody?? :unsure:

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