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Adverts that constantly appear and stop you doing things

Geoff Settle

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Does anyone know how to get rid of the numerous adverts that constantly appearon my PC when I am connected to the web?


They are not the ones that appear on www.


They appear whenever I am connected to the web no matter what I am doing. I must have downloaded some rubbish that has set them off - maybe dpyboy or adware - I have deleted both but they still persist.


Any ideas?

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Geoff - have you got MSN on your computer - if so whatever you try you will fail to stop pop up adverts appearing - it's how they make their money for the "free" messaging service which destroys computers.

It also ensures your machine gets full of useless information and that you will probably need a new one every 12 months!

Ban MSN! :x

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Geoff, there are basically 2 reasons why you are being bombarded with pop-ups.


1. Your browser is not blocking pop-ups, so simply download and use Mozilla Firefox - a far superior browser to Microsofts I.E. Its built-in pop-up blocker is excellent. It is also more secure for general browsing.


2. You have some malicious spyware / adware on your computer, usually courtesy of visiting an infected/loaded website. This is the most probable cause if you get pop-ups immediately after going on-line. As previously stated, download and run Lavasoft's AD-AWARE, and as a secondary check, use Search & Destroy. Google will fing these immediately. They are both completely free for home use.


I've been there a couple of years ago and was literally tearing my hair out. I learnt the hard way, but my PC is now running pop-up, virus and mal-ware free.


I'm no PC expert, but I do know enough through trial & error to fix most problems associated with the web. There are many excellent free programs available to keep your PC safe and efficient on-line. DON'T go spending money to correct these minor problems, it can all be rectified TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE.

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