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Warrington Town v Ossett Town


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Big crowd - big marketing hype - goaless draw.

I see the other Ossett got battered 8-0 by Trafford who come to Cantilever Park a week on Monday!

Warrington not only seem to lack a goal scorer but the players to break down a defence which comes not to be beaten.


Ossett Town are dark horses for this season, just as we are. This game was probably our leagues equivalent of Spurs v Newcastle or something.


Did you actually go? We were the better team, and quite easily could have had quite a few. We had a penalty turned down and hit the woodwork twice. Ossett hardly got an attack in, and it was a good game anyway so I can see a few of the first-timers returning.


Don't know why you are finding excuses to moan about the club after our first game, which was just an unlucky result. :roll:

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First game of the season and I think that showed as the players still are not too sure who each other are however some football and premier league teams also played like that this weekend.


Speaking to some of Ossett's board they were extremly confident this season will go for them.


As for the game itself not much to write home about on the pitch, apart from hitting the post late in the second half.


However may i say well done to Gary, Toby and the rest of the committee on the superb marketing campaign which made saturdays attendence of 273 the highest in the divison


hopefully the extra spectators will continue to watch Town however that will depend on results.


Lets look forward to tuesday.

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First and last 15 mins were the highlights. Townson was heard bemoaning the service in the 2nd half and that for me hit the nail on the head. if we can get the ball early and accuratley to the guys up front, then we shoudl have won the game on Saturday.


Once they get to know each other, then things should be okay especially with the hulk up front!


Henders got a hat trick for CL at the weekend so that says all it needs to about first game of the season :P

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