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A trip to Blackpool

harry hayes

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Just to lighten the mood after the last one.




It's 50 years since we went to Blackpool,

'Noted for fresh air and fun';

Breeze we got a'plenty,

For the second we we were 'done'.


See the price of just two wristbands,

So the fairground was out of bounds;

The Hall of mirrors was to remind us,

Of our shape without the pounds.


One of us forgot their teeth,

Still, we're used to sharing things;

McDonalds Happy Meal between us,

Cheaper than Burger Kings.


Treated ourselves to an ice cream cone,

My wife chose which side to lick;

We sat on abandoned beach chairs,

But the tide came in too quick.


I took the bottom off the cone,

A treat for an eider duck;

The melted cream ran down the tube,

My shoes; all white; oh yuck.


That wasn't what I really said,

Another curse came oh so soon;

A jealous seagull marked my other end,

And squawked "good afternoon".


So we didn't get a paddle,

Or even a donkey ride;

Lost 10p on the slot machines,

Cos it was (raining) down outside.


So quickly back on the motorway,

With petrol sans £8.60;

Don't think we always spend so much,

At home we're much more thrifty.




HH 8/12

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