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Warrington to Wembley Bike Ride


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Warrington to Wembley Bike Ride 23rd - 25th August

Raising funds for 2 fabulous charities: Warrington Wolves Foundation and Warrington Youth Club


Join us on our way to Wembley, for what will be a fun filled and memorable journey to the final!

Thursday 23rd August @ 6am from Halliwell Jones Stadium,

Bed + Breakfast stopover in Rugby

Friday 24th August: Cylce to Watford

Bed + Breakfast stopover in Watford

Saturday 25th August: Cycle to Wembley, finish @ 11am and get ready for the match! The mini busses that have accompanied us on the way will then take your bikes and bags (if wanted) back to Warrington and you will need to make your own transport back to Warrington.


For 2 night’s bed and breakfast, your final ticket and your bike/bags transported back to Warrington (you will need to make your own arrangements back) is only £159!


*** Already booked your ticket and hotel.......(you devoted fans!) we would still love to have you onboard........

If you already have your final ticket, join us @ £129

If you have already booked your Friday night accommodation and have your final ticket @ £99


Remember you must be willing to raise a minimum £100 sponsorship which will be used for the Wolves Foundation and Warrington Youth Club’s charitable work.


If any further information is needed please do not hesitate to contact Zoe on 01925 581 224 or zoes@warringtonyouthclub.co.uk Registration form has also been attached.Warrington - Wembley Registration 2012.pdf

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Would have loved to do it a few years ago but since having my inner ear removed I can't ride a bike at all...not even one revolution of the pedals..I had the operation in my middle fifties and until then I could manage 90-100 miles a day no problem. If you are thinking of doing it you've got to have at least a mid-quality bike. Don't make the mistake of going to Halfords and buying a mountain bike replete with balloon tyres. They're made in Taiwan from scaffolding poles and you won't make 50 miles. You can tell a good bike from miles away...They look very flimsy but in fact they are extremely strong being constructed from quality materials..I've still got a bike of reasonable quality which I got for my daughter to train on for a charity bike ride from Manchester to Paris a few weeks ago. Latch, you can borrow it if you wish.


Off topic but anybody making the Wembley trip you may drop on the team at Watford Gap Services around Thursday lunchtime like we did..The great she-devil didn't make any friends by telling a very senior member of the playing staff to remove his feet from the furniture, after all he wouldn't do that at home would he ?

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