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Justice at last for Shafilea


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Always room for constructive criticism, but yours plainly isn't, If you look on the first page of the thread pinko and liberal lovie were you, You could try reading the whole thread. Where were you when Obs needed you. :wink:

So if you are going to be constructive read the whole thread.




Looks like I am not the only one that thinks you move every thread on to immigration, will you stop now :wink:

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I really don't understand what all the hoo haa! is about, two evil creatures that have taken the life of what should have been their most Treasured possession (along with their other children) have been found guilty by jury and given a sentence that in my opinion is far too lenient, they should have had their lives taken away from them as they took their daughters life away from her. Has this topic descended into yet another forum squabbling match to see who has the last word if so you should be ashamed of yourselves, using this subject as a slanging match in which this innocent young lady had her life removed from her in such a barbaric manner at such an early age. :shock:

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