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moors murderer - brady


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Although it pains me to even type it's name - should this creature be kept alive by force feeding, personally I would force feed it on broken razor blades. I find hatred a most objectionable emotion but I'm afraid it is the closest I become to it when referring to this creature. The reason I ask, is that the subject was discussed on BBC's 'One Show' the other evening and wondered if anyone had watched it and how it affects them. :evil::angry:

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Did not see it so cannot comment on the program. Possibly the only reason for them not to let the life end is the very faint hope that the whereabouts of the missing victim will finally be revealed. A very faint hope at best as it has been tried many times before without success.

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they should have stuck the scum on truth drugs and a lie detector years ago to ask him where Keith Bennetts body was buried...... and then kept him alive so they could execute him

Agreed Baz, and Sid thats exactly what the guy who had interviewed said, he is holding back on Keith Bennett's whereabouts as bargaining power to move to an ordinary prison as once he gets in there they can't force feed the scum as they can in a psychiatric unit.

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