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Don't we all pay?


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What did also make me laugh was that factory gate precies have rocketed this month caused by "rising fuel costs".


With another 2p planned in April - tax for tax sake as it wont go back to the transport budget - then this is going to just keep increasing factory gate prices and inflationary pressures and push us further into recession. Add to this the ?8bn tax black hole (appears 2p is worth about ?1bn) then going to be fun fiscal year ahead.

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Interesting food prices are said to be rising (EG: 14% rise in the price of a loaf); most pundits are predicting a slow down leading to a recession. :roll: Interestingly in the long term; the exploitation of India and China by us, in order to bring in cheap imports; is now changing due to increasing demand in their own countries. :roll:

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