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It's easy when you know how!


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Thanks Asp.... I already have that video in my anorack collection!!


I did something similar with a Ford V4 engine a few years ago....


There is a chap who turns old engines into coffe tables and the like.... have a look at what he did with an old V4:



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Asp... that video is absolutely fantastic and I've already watched it 4 times now :oops:


As for the coffee table Baz.... brilliant too. Is this chap who makes them local ?


PS you should definately upload your V4 video on here :wink:

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Mary.... My wife doesn't venture near my garage.


After 9 months of work to get my Corsair back on the road after it had been off for over 35 years.... new paint, engine sorted, brakes etc etc.... I brought it home to show my wife and I got...... "Very nice".... then she went back in the house!


Don't know why I bother!! :D

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