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26. Building the MSC.


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The machine in this close up shot appears to be the huge soil transporter designed and constructed by John Price of Grappenhall, Cheshire, who was agent for the six lower sections of the Canal. Here we can see the soil removed by the dredger being deposited onto a moving tray, which then carried the extracted material into wagons waiting on the shore.



The construction of the Manchester Ship Canal drew large numbers of sightseers, eager to see the vast works in progress. This photograph appears to show some inquisitive members of the public. Other more official visitors included engineers, ship owners and royalty.



Warburton Bridge Centre Span Girders loaded on to canal barges ready for lifting.



Warburton Bridge Uprights.



Warburton Bridge Centre Span Girders being floated into position on barges.



The construction of the Manchester Ship Canal resulted in the need to build high level bridges which spanned the waterway. Warburton High Level Bridge was constructed to allow pedestrians and other users to cross the Canal. Here the bridge is in the early stages of construction.



Warburton High Level Bridge centre span girder being hoisted into position.



Warburton High Level Bridge Centre Span Girder being raised.



Here navvies are gathered around a large winch which was used to lift the huge girders for the Bridge's central section. A steam crane can be seen in the background.



Navvies operating the winch.


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bloomin heck Algy..... do you have a book entitled "The Ship Canal being built in daily pictures"????


Can I ask where all these photos came from? I never imagined there would be so many!!

Baz there are only 20 more of this series to display, however there are another 230 of a larger format, I shall leave these for a while before I post them, I really do need a break!.

Yes you may ask where I obtained them but at the moment I'm not saying, I'm sure there are others on here that will have come across them. The photos are of no commercial value to anyone as the size is 600 x 455 pixels and will not enlarge without pixelation. To me the value is in having a photographic record of how hard life was for the working classes of the day.

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