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Sam's on the roof

Evil Sid

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Sam's on the roof or surface to air missiles. Seems that the residents are taking the Mod to court to prevent them from siting mobile Sam missile systems on the roof of their apartment building as part of the defence measures of the Olympic games.


That the installation is not actually finalised seems to make no difference and they are claiming that it will infringe their human rights to have the missiles over their heads for the duration of the games.


I would have thought it would be more of an infringement if some terrorist decided to fly a plane into the building instead.

They would probably be the first to kick off if there was a terrorist attack by air and the Mod did not have a plan in place to counter it.


So a, question were you in the same circumstances would you allow them to be put on your roof.


I personally would not be bothered in the slightest( that is provided they let me have a go at firing one when the time comes) :twisted::shock::blink:

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If terrorists were able to board a plane with arms then some serious questions would need asking and answering from airport staff. It is nigh impossible for anyone to smuggle anything through the check in points. Twice in an an airport you are required to practically undress, all pockets emptied, off come jackets, off come belts, off come shoes. and all put into a tray and sent through the xray machine along with your carry on luggage and handbag. And believe me those xray machines can pick out something as small as a throw-away cigarette lighter or a small perfume bottle and the inspectors manning the check ins want to see exactly what it is. Passing through the check in is a slow process because two out of every three passengers are made to open their bags or to show what is in the pockets of their jacket on the other side of the machine.

I fail to see how a terrorist would be able to smuggle through weapons, and they are not going to attempt an hi-jack without any.

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Its OK having missiles on the roof until one fails or explodes!!


I think there would be a bit of an outcry then too Sid.


Just bring out the Harriers from mothballs and have them floating about.... far better deterrent!!

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