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The Forum Calendar - do you look or add things ?


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Do you ever look at the forum calendar ?

(ok so there's not been much on it lately other than birthdays so maybe you have just stopped looking or noticing the reminders which are displayed.. I know I had :oops: )


Anyway I've added quite a few things to it since yesterday that I didn't know were on in and around Warrington so mabye we should/could all use it more to 'spread the word' and to remind ourselves.


Maybe you know of other events coming up near you and could add those too. :D


If you are wondering what on earth the 'forum calendar' is though ... well you can access it directly from one of the tabs just under the main Warrington Worldwide header on all the forum pages (ie Forum, Members, Calendar)


or here directly via ..... Forum Calendar Events June and click on the days links or change the month to see what's on.


Alternatively you can see what is currenly going on or coming up within the next week by scrolling down to the bottom of the MAIN home page of the forum and they will all show up inder 'upcoming calendar events'.


For example today the reminder links for this week are currently showing :


Take us back to the 60's - Warrington Museum-FREE,

Plough the fields and saunter - Culcheth Linear Park,

Health & Wellbeing Day - Warrington Market,

Risley Moss Green Safari,

Band Concert at Walton Gardens - FREE


Just click on them to show more details... if you want to of course :lol:


Most things are always mentioned on the main news pages of course but, if like me, you have a memory like a sieve a daily reminder is a good thing :oops:


Over to you ...........

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