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UPDATED - A49 London Road CLOSED near London Bridge Pub


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A special update just for Bill


Contrary to WBC's website updates where it now says the A49 London Road is now closed from it's junction with Waverley Avenue to it's junction with Mitchell Street :roll: (and in turn what the various news pages are saying as I guess thats where they get their info from)..... IT'S NOT SHUT THERE AT ALL !!


It is STILL closed from it's junction with Dingleway (which is still accessible to motorists) like I keep saying... why don't WBC have a look like I do.


Anyway that's not the point of this.....


BILL YOU CAN NOW GET TO THE LONDON BRIDGE PUB CARPARK IN YOUR CAR (thought you might like to know incase it's raining tonight)


See here... there is a 'road closed' sign before hand but I asked 3 of the workers (Irish by the way) and they said YES that is now the oficial access route by car to the pub carpark and they have laid a little 'bridge' over the drainage pipes for access.


Don't go up London Rd from the village end though as there's no access from there..... you have to come down Dingleway or down London Road.





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Blimey Bill... I noticed you on here reading this over 15 mins ago but you never even commented or said thanks after all my efforts. :lol:


Guess you were so excited you just jumped straight in you car an headed there for your pint of lemonade (or whatever) then :P


From now on Dizzy will keep you in the dark and you can all rely on what you think may be right :lol::lol:

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Sorry for not posting after your efforts Dizz but I’m a bit poorly at the moment and not really in the mood for doing anything much, including going for my weekly Friday night beer.


Feel like I’ve done a hard days work and yet I’ve been in bed all day. :(


Bill :)

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Hope you feel better soon Bill and if you had said sooner I'd have popped in for a drink on your behalf (in the safe knowledge that you weren't there). :lol:




Update next Friday for you if I remember :wink:

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