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11. Building the Manchester Ship Canal.


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Various types of land excavators, or 'navvies' were used on the construction of the Manchester Ship Canal. This close up shot of an excavator shows navvies at work with the machine. A wagon on the left is full of excavated material, with other wagons in the distance.



Locomotive 'Sale'



Locomotive 'Timperley'.



Latchford High Level Bridge was constructed to allow pedestrians and other users to cross the Canal. Here the central section is being constructed on a temporary platform below. It was later winched into place in the Bridge above.



Latchford High Level Bridge Centre Girders.



Latchford High Level Bridge.



Latchford High Level Bridge completed.



Culverts are an important part of lock construction. They run alongside the lock, carrying water through into the lock to equalise the water level. Latchford locks were the second set of locks encountered by users of the Manchester Ship Canal sailing down from Eastham.



Latchford Lock Culvert under construction.



This photograph illustrates the huge scale of the Manchester Ship Canal construction. The huge lock gates can be seen on the left, with the sluice gates on the right. The photo was taken from the new deviation railway embankment.


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I have a slight dilemma, the next batch of 70 are all of MSC railway locos similar to this photo:-


This would entail the next seven days consisting of MSC locos, would those that have been following this thread rather I displayed them seperatly at the end of the thread or just continue displaying them as from tomorrow, I shall display them depending on the response on here. :unsure:

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Which ever is easier for you Algy although personally I'd give the topic a slightly different title to the repeating one you have now to show they are still MSC pics but these batches are about locos (for those who may not have come across your pics on here yet and who wear long macs and are obsessed with all things train like.)


Looking forward to seeing them however you do it :wink:

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As an old train spotter from Bank Quay bring on the locos anyway that's easy for you, really enjoying the pics Algy, thanx

Well! up to now that's 2 - 0 to continue with the loco photos.


here's one to be going on with, nothing to do with the building of the canal as the accident took place in 1925.



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The mind boggles Algy as to how that happened. Great picture :D


PS 2-0 is a bloody good score and better than England did :wink:

Right!, voting closed, MSC locos it is, actually if you study some of the drivers, crew and other characters there's some right rum lads in the photos. :D :grin:

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Can you make sure we can click to enlarge them then Algy (I'm sure I speak for Cleo too when I ask that) :wink::D:oops:

Fraid' can't do Dizz, as the originals that I have are sized at 600 x 450 - 470, the reason that you can enlarge the photo of the loco with the wagons on it is because it is a larger size and not related to the other set.

Sorry what you see is what you get, don't forget you can screen magnify them by pressing the Ctrl + keys, remember to Ctrl - after to return the screen to normal viewing aspect though.

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quicker way of returning the screen to normal size is ctrl 0, puts screen back to original size at once.

Thanks Sid, I never realised that!, just goes to show you can never know everything!, my problem is I learn something new then forget something old.:)

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