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whos your favourite celebrity chef and why?


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I have to say after viewing celebrity chefs from around the globe on tv i tend to favour jamie oliver and Ramsey..why you ask because they are passionate about their cooking and Ramsey would serve a good meal from a very clean kitchen...they make it very edible..... :wink:

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he's abit out there isnt he but he gets them to listen and clean their filthy kitchens up and stops their buisness's going down the drain....as a chef i'd employ him or be happy for him to cook for me but working with him...i think i would have to stand up for myself and give back as good as i got.....unless i could agree with his critisism.... :o

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Gary Rhodes, Good old british grub cooked in a trendy way, love his fish dishes.


he's a little fond of the fatty dishes for my liking, so I dont know why he's thinner than I, but when I do wacth him, I always think...."hmm I could just eat that now"...the food that is...I just realised how gay that statement was :wink:

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