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Calm after the storm

harry hayes

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Wisdom grows near retirement age,

As you contemplate now and then;

On what on earth has happened,

And what went where - and when?


Too old for fun; too young to die,

Candles out-size the cake;

Some body parts no longer work,

While others simply ache.


Did I stop in the bath too long?

Look like my nightly prunes?

Learn again the facts of life,

'Sex' equates 'blue moons'.


There are gains for all our losses,

'Happy hour' each afternoon;

Begin a life-long coffee break,

Your bus pass coming soon.


No bustle of a working day,

Gives you time; space; and room;

While flowers you planted yesterday,

Are surely into bloom.


We age too soon; become wise too late,

The Good Lord planned it thus;

Your happiness depends on attitude -

Change minus for a plus.


In yourself you see your mother,

Which surely can't be bad;

Sit back; enjoy such golden years,

As your parents never had.



HH 6/2012

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