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1, Building the Manchester Ship Canal.


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Apologies to all of you who have seen these photos previously, but there will be many of you who have not come across them before. On completion I shall not be leaving them on here, anyone who wishes to do so should copy them as we go along.



Blasting the bank at Eastham.



Noahs Ark floating cafe beached near the River Gowy.



The navvies working on the Manchester Ship Canal needed lighting to allow them to work outside of daylight hours. One type of lighting used was the 'Wells' lamp, pictured here. These lights were pneumatic oil lamps. A small hand compressor was used to maintain the pressure in the lamp, which was operated by an attendant. They made all-night excavations possible. This example is shown next to a section of temporary rail track, which was laid along the construction site to carry away extracted material.



A Well's light maintenance and operating gang.




A coffee man and girl, they travelled along sections of the canal selling coffee to the navvies.



A drinks seller at the construction of the Canal.



A drinks seller at Weston near Runcorn.



Acton Grange section being cut, the railway deviation had already been created and in operation prior to the canal excavation reaching Acton Grange



Acton Grange, English Navvies and the IronHorse.



A Barrow Lift near Trafford Bridge.


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Thanks Algy! My Great great grandfather was a Navvy who lived at the Acton Grange camp for a while. He was an engine driver, maybe he's driving the iron horse in the picture!

There are photos of Acton Grange camp coming up later also many photos of the locos, some with their drivers and firemen, keep looking Trace. :)

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