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Mount Snowdon on a bike!!!!!


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Hi everyone

Am new to the forum and I thought my 1st post had better 'pack a punch' so here goes....


On 11th May I am leaving Leigh on a 5 day charity bike ride; It involves going along the North Wales coast road onto and around Anglesey and then onto Llanberis at the bottom of Mount Snowdon. At this point I am stripping the bike down of its rack and panniers and biking up and down Mount Snowdon :wacko: before re-building the bike,packing up and heading back home!!!! B) .


I am doing it solo and no support vehicle; Everything I need (tent,clothes,tools etc) I shall carry on the bike. I plan to stay at campsites but if needs must I may 'wild camp' the odd night. By the time I get back I should have done around 320 miles... WHY??? :huh: Good Question and one I have asked myself a few times while organising it!!! My sons grandma who lives in Dallam, has been diagnosed with cancer and its been a tough time for her; So I told her if I organise a crazy bike trip she could choose the charity. She chose St Rocco's because since being diagnosed they have been so supportive of her and the family its hard to describe the difference they have made during this difficult time. I hope I can drum up some support and don't be fooled that I live in Leigh now... As I was a resident of Culcheth for 20 years. Its a great charity and they have even offered me all sorts of support while I have been planning this!!! Lovely people.


Well heres my link My link.


I shall post a blog and pictures of the trip asap. I should be in next weeks Guardian as they have just rang me today. Thanks for taking time to have a read and I shall reply to any shouts of support and any donations.




Oh click HERE to read about my last bike trip.

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