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Cyclists...... Dog hating Psychopaths


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having read through the article on the news page about the "revamp" to the "cultural quarter" I noted that the bit about museum street seems to favour the cyclists.


the parking bays that are currently there are being moved across the road to provide a contra flow cycle lane. why contra flow? Because they are also going to make it one way, FOR CARS, from bold street up to the car park where it will once again be two way to allow traffic into the car-parks.


after watching the first one had it been my dog there would have followed a few seconds of extra footage of the scuffle followed by a dark sequence accompanied by agonising screams as the helmet cam was removed from the orifice to which it had been inserted with a size nine boot. :shock::(:blink::twisted:

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Had a couple today coming down Cromwell Avenue... two abreast in the middle of the road with the massively expensive cycle lanes unused.... My car is rather big and as there was oncoming traffic I struggled to overtake.


Lycra boy number one started shaking his head in an annoying fashion as I got past and if it wasn't for the fact that my wife was in the car, he would have had a three pointed star tatooed on his forehead where he ran into the back of me after I had braked suddenly to avoid a rabbit!!

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