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The penny drops


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I was waiting in a takeaway and noticed that the young lad in front of me in the queue dropped a penny on the floor. He was obviously aware he had dropped it, but made no attempt to pick it up, even though it was in full view. I drew his attention to it but he just shrugged and said "Yeah, Yeah."

His order arrived and he walked out.

Now given that he had bought a small bag of chips only, to eat in the street and was not of particularly affluent appearance, I don't think he abandoned his penny because he felt it was not worth picking up. I am left therefore wondering if he was too lazy to bend and pick it up.

His girth suggested that perhaps this was the case :rolleyes:

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I do believe he is not the only one who won't bend to pick up a dropped penny.

As the old saying goes - pennies make pounds.

I was walking into town one day and in Northway I spotted a penny on the ground. A little distance further I spotted another, then another, then another. So, I walked back to the first one and picked it up and resumed my journey into town picking up pennies as I went. By the time I reached town I had collected 98 pence. :roll::D

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