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9. Stockton Heath Area.


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New large semi detatched houses in Walton road, the people who bought these must have had a 'bob or two'!.



Walton road, the shop on the left is now a computer shop with a fish & chip shop out of picture on the immediate left, at the time of writing.



Whitefield road.



The old Saracens Head, all boarded up.



'Turnpike Leap', Hill Cliffe cutting.



Building the Northwich road (Stockton Heath) swing bridge prior to the canal being excavated.



A Royal Naval ship passing up the canal.



This ship ran aground in a fog at the entrance to the old river cutting to Walton lock, opposite Ellesmere road.



Birchdale Cottages in Birchdale road.



Birchdale House in Birchdale road, it would eventually become a hotel and has now been demolished and replaced by apartments.


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Is it really? I've walked through there a few times and never realised - I'd love to go and have another look. One of the frustrating things about these photos is that they make me want to go and walk around the modern areas and see if I can see any traces of the past but living in Norfolk doesn't make it exactly easy!

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I would say it was a well because she has a jug or a pail there, probably to fill, or filled, it. :wink:

It is/was a well from a natural spring, we drove through there last Friday and the recess is still there, the council have paved part of Park lane that runs past Appleton Reservoir and although there are some rough potholes along Firs Lane, the way through is acceptable if driven with care.

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Why was a the path cut through the rock in the first place? I'm assuming it's not a natural feature but seems like a lot of effort to go to in such an out of the way place.

Tracy I have pondered on that one and looked at old maps and I just have no idea, there is no sensible explanation, as you point out the effort not say cost of excavating the cutting through solid sandstone would surely have only been done for commercial gain or access to Appleton reservoir and that does not make sense as there is easier access from the North through Walton, all the cutting does is to go through the top of the Hill, regarding commercial gain nothing of value unless they wanted the sandstone that was removed from the cutting but as there was a sandstone quarry close by at the bottom of Windmill lane why would they do that?. :unsure:


I have looked at Peter Burdett's map of 1777 and the road is there, the Reservoir is not.

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Keep digging Algy (pardon the pun) I'm sure you will get to the bottom of it. :wink:

Shall do Cleo, not holding my breath on this one though. I have sent you a PM about something totally different, ( Oh!, I forgot to say in the PM she wondered if you knew each other, you see what I mean when you read it, what am I like :oops: ).

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Like Cleo says... keep digging Algy.


If it helps a lot of the older houses around here have large sandstone outer windowsills and a lot of the old cobbled roads were made of sandstone cobble sets, a cheaper alternative to granite cobble sets.


If the resources were on the doorstep then it must have made more sense to cut them from around here than to source them from further afield.



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