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Bluecoat School 1881

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I've been reading this thread on and off for a few days now. Algy mentioned a Caretaker called Jimmy who lived at the Lodge at Daresbury and everything slipped into place. A personal message to Algy has confirmed this. The name of the caretaker was Jim Woods who in the late 70's became my step-father. Jim's main job was as Transport Foreman at Greenalls Brewery, but he and his first wife, Sally, lived in the Lodge whilst the old school was owned by the brewery and he looked after the premises on a part time basis. At one point he also kept pigs at the rear of the premises.

Sally worked for our family part time at our Grocers shop on Walton Road,Stockton Heath. We had known her and Jim for many years. She died in the early seventies and a few years later Jim met my Mother, who was divorced, and they eventually married in 1978. By this time the Lodge was long gone and they lived in a cottage Jim bought off the Brewery at Preston Brook. Strangely enough their wedding reception was at the Lord Daresbury.

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Scotty you have too many http:// in the link. you only need one. I removed the first one and managed to get the link up but when I previewed the post it said that I was not allowed to use that image extension on this board.


I can get the link to show up but then have to sign into yahoo and then create a flickr account which I do not want to do.

you may have to use photobucket or similar and upload it that way.


(did try to put the modified link in this post but it would not let me post it at all just gave me the same message as before)

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Same for me too Scotty.


Try it this way... these are the instructions that forum member PJ once posted on the forum when I asked how to do it from Flickr. Not sure if it's changed since then though as I use photobucket now


Hi Dizzy,



Sorry for the delay in replying but yes there is a quick way to post images here from flickr



1. double click the image you wish to upload in your photostream.


2.Click on the "share this" box above the image and then click on "grab the HTML/BBCode"


3. choose the size image you want( I use medium)


4.Click the BBCode button


5. use your mouse to highlight the text from [ito[/i] img] like in the picture.


6. Paste into your message for the forum. make sure there are no stray characters before or after the [img bits as its a bit tricky sometimes picking up the text.


Post message and there you go.





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No probs and fingers worked well there Scotty :wink:


That's the exact picture I remember seeing showing the kids in big white collars but without the text in the top left. At least I know I've not imagined it now... PHEW :D


Do warrington library hold a copy of the book you refer to as I'd love to read it.



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Hi Sueinmoore and welcome to the forum :D


Off the top of my head 'no' I don't know anything (and/or I can't remember) but I'm almost sure there was a topic on this forum some time ago where we discussed a school on that site. I don't recal it being a bluecoat school though.


Problem is that so many topics start off as one thing then digress so I'm struggling to find it but I'll keep looking.


It's been a long day and I am lacking brain cells so Algy... if you are reading.... 'help' as I'm sure you were involved in the 'chat' too and your history brain is much better than mine :wink:

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I know it was Cleo which is why I was looking but I still can't find it :unsure: AARGH !!!!


ALGY WAKE UP... it's bugging me now :lol: !!!!!

BLUMMIN ECK! Dizz, give us a chance luv' I've only just read it, I shall get me spade out and do some digging, be back later!. :wink:

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I'm involved in a project to chronicle the history of Moore. Does anyone know anything about the Bluecoat School that was on the site now occupied by the Daresbury Park Hotel? There are some posts on the Rootsweb forum from 2000, but I can't get in touch with anyone now.




if you go back to page one of this topic and read the replies there is some information about the Bluecoat school, not sure if you are aware but it was a private house called the 'Oaklands', in 1881 It was occupied by William Wright, Justice of the Peace, who had nine servants.The Oaklands is in Preston Brook not Daresbury as many people think, although in the 1881 census it was give as Newton by Daresbury, it became the Bluecoat School April 26th 1922 when all the pupils and staff moved from the Warrington Bluecoat School, Winwick Street/Bluecoat Street. The school finally closed in either 1948 or 1951, not sure which.

Most of the above information came from earlier replies to this topic.

If you come across any photos of the building we would be most pleased to see them as they are difficult to come by.


This is the only photo I have ever come across, please don't use it as the image belongs to the Daresbury Parish plan.

Credit to the village of Daresbury.



Here is a map of 1898.


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Ahhhh.... thanks Evils. That was it 'The Oaklands'. It stood where the Lord D is now and like the pdf says it was the Bluecoat school for a while.


I've found the forum topic where it was discussed now thanks to you.


It's here (when I say 'here' I mean just that). Blimey that's emabrrasing :oops::lol:


See Page 1 of this actual forum topic if you haven't already Sueinmoore.

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On 5/3/2012 at 5:26 AM, algy said:

Pedro, there can't be many people alive today who visited that building let alone possess items from it.

With working at Daresbury in the 50's when I was a lad, I new the caretaker who lived in the lodge, his name was Jimmy ?, damned if I can remember his second name though, he used to come to the smithy to buy brushes and other bits and pieces, it's amazing what we sold there, as well as being a forge and agricultural engineers it was also an early DIY store set in a country village.

My mother was there from around 1928-1934 or so. She told me that Cook lived in lodge. Maybe 'Jimmy's) wife?

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Great to get some history about the Oaklands Bluecoat school.  My wife's dad went there when he was a lad around 1923 or so.

Would love to know more about the place, pictures etc. if anyone has any please.

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