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3. Latchford & Knutsford Road.


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Knutsford Road, Edelsten's pin and file Mill looking toward Bridge Foot.



Looking past Edelsten's toward the Weir.



A busy time for Latchford Locks.



Manor Lock on the Old Quay Canal, Black Bear length at its junction with the River Mersey.



Latchford village square, ivy covered 'Sunnyside' Cottage peeping from behind the tram.




Latchford old station before closing, the new banking for the railway deviation in progress, the new station will be to the right of the newly erected bridge.



The new Latchford, Knutsford Road swing bridge open for shipping.SwingBridgeopenstoShipping.



Latchford Village, early 1900's.



LatchfordVillage, the new railway deveation bridge under construction.



Latchford Village with the the Railway Hotel front right, are the children waiting for the tram or just up to mischief.


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I completely agree RingoD and although I've seen copies of some of the some of the photos in the past I never really knew where they were or indeed what some were until Algy started posting.


That's what makes your posts so bloody good Algy. Your wonderful descriptions and other snippets of info make a simple old photo from the past come to life again. (yep that probably sounds corny but that's what I think anyway) :D


You are brilliant... despite what Mrs Algy may tell you :lol::wink:

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