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Who are you going to vote for on May 3rd 2012



18 members have voted

  1. 1. Who are you going to vote for?

    • Conservative
    • Green
    • Labour
    • Lib Dem
    • UKIP
    • Not voting
  2. 2. Will you be voting the same as last year

    • Yes
    • No
    • Don't vote

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Do you mean in just the Local Borough elections Gary? (as we've got that and and Local Parish elections too around here on the 3rd as have many other areas.)


Just thought I'd ask before I cast my vote :unsure::oops:


Borough elections if you vote differently in both :roll:

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What's with the :roll: grumpy guts :P


I vote for the person/people who actually get of their arses and do something locally.... I'm not interested in political twaddle and political parties.


I shall cast my vote in your poll purely on my choice for who I want my Borough Councillor to be then (even though I don't like his party)..... :D

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Who mentioned the Mail??? I heard it on the radio!!


and as for being misquoted, if he did actually say “Even if I have to beg I am willing to raise and offer £10 million so that George W Bush and Tony Blair can be brought to the International Court of Justice on war crimes charges. Even if I have to sell my house I am ready to do it.” he is still out of order as a Lord of the realm.....


Obviously quick to have a go at the white westerners, but never as quick to condem the fanatics that blow themselves up in market places full of kids.... this vile excuse for a man was the same person who ran over and killed someone while driving and texting at the same time.


Maybe he would be better off staying in Pakistan or wherever he is at the moment

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With only weeks to the local elections I find most people I speak to are still undecided who to vote for - or even whether they will vote at all. But perhaps things will swiftly change?

I think the recent news that additional council officers may be leaving the town hall must have given some hope to wavering voters and that if further 'publicly popular' announcements are made prior to the elections it will swing the vote in favour of the Labour group.

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:) Do you actually think that changing from one set of Liberal fiendly Officers to a Labour friendly set of officers will make the slightest difference on voting intentions? Turn-out will be low, as frankly local Government is basically irrelevent to most folk, being under-funded and capped by Westminister, who in turn are under the thumb of Brussels; there's not even wriggle room for any locally independent initiative for local folk to even debate. :roll: :roll:
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Do you have a degree in naivity Kije? The key to an interest in "democracy" is relevence - does one's vote actually mean anything. At local level, politicians operate within a straight jacket of Westminister dictats, controlling not only what they can tax and spend, but what they spend on what. With no room or money for manoevre or inovation, political choices are rather irrelevent. Moving up the gravy train to Westminister, we can see how their options are constrained by the EU and the IMF, and even "the markets". Then finally we have the Brussels beaurocrats, giving countries referendum after referendum, until they get the answer they wanted in the first place. Democracy? Don't make me laugh! :wink: :wink:

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If you like democracy Baz, and you don't like what they are doing over the EU, vote for another party.


I did.... but what use is voting for UKIP or the BNP at local level? because no other party is advocating leaving the EU other than those two.... mind you, with your advocation of Nazi ideology in your posts about pensions; maybe you could vote BNP this time instead of the lilly-livered-liberals!! :D

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