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It's taking 5 weeks to put in some new dropped kerbs at the Junction of Padgate Lane/Orford Rd, the disruption to traffic has to be seen to be believed. Q. Why 5 weeks? Why don't they do these jobs in shifts and get them done in a third of the time? And, instead of these stupid red route & 20mph signs, why don't they set up some real time info at preceeding junctions to give drivers a chance to divert around these gridlocked junctions? :unsure:

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I've just come through that junction on my way to work tonight. I do use it regularly as I live very close to there, but tonight it was at its worst yet. On all sections of the road, there are two inch drops and rises. Not only is this extremely dangerous as it tends to "throw" two-wheeled vehicles sideways, it is causing a lot of damage to everybody's suspension, unless, of course, you drive a Landrover or similar.

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seems to be a spate of road works around the area at the moment. odd things is they all seem to be estimated at six weeks.


Stockton Heath road works, six weeks

Newton lane roadworks, six weeks


so five weeks is pretty good, (unless that is what is left and they have already had a week on it.)

wonder if the ship canal one will be six weeks (front page news)


Makes me wonder if the work is stretched out to six weeks or compressed to six weeks

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A government thing I am afraid.


Was common practice spend as little as possible up until the end off the financial year then have an almighty splurge to spend what had been saved so that when they ask for funding next time they can say that they spent their last allocation and struggled so we need a few bob more this year. Reason being was that if you were seen to have not spent your allocation you would get even less next time as you have shown that you can make the savings.

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Was that meant as a joke Peter? If so then you don't know how true your words are.

They do try to spend as much as they possibly can towards the end of the financial year to avoid being allotted a lower amount the following year. :|



WHY would it be a joke? :shock:

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