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Liverpool shock


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To be fair Liverpool were beaten by themselves. If Carroll had played the game and scored instead of diving (crisis of confidence?) or if the defence had not been so dire they might have won it (should have had a penalty before the first goal). They certainly have problems. It's not the end of the world and, speaking as an Evertonian, Liverpool supporters need to lighten up and realise it's only a game. See you at Wembley (but only the once :wink: :wink: :wink: ) :D :grin:

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Having watched the game in disbelief I think my days of watching any Premier league game are numbered as it is becoming an absolute disgrace.

Players who clearly cheat should be fined a months salary (which should be donated to charity or grassroots football) and banned from the game for eight weeks!

During the Liverpool Newcastle game we clearly saw

1. A Newcastle player handle the ball on the line stopping a certain goal. That player is a cheat.

2. We then saw Liverpool's Andrew Carroll clearly dive - the ref saw it but the player escaped with a yellow card. That player is a cheat.

3. We then saw a Newcastle player trip the Liverpool goalkeeper. The Newcastle player then pretended that he had been head butted in the face with great force - replays seemed to show no actual contact. The Newcastle player again was clearly a cheat but escaped with a yellow card. The Liverpool player got a red card for violent conduct which was the correct decision - but it is easy to understand why players lose the plot when so many mistakes go unpunished or unseen.

Premier League football is meant to be the best league in the world and certainly commands huge salaries.

In reality it is becoming a joke.

It is time fans voted with their feet!

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For what it's worth, if it had been Man United instead of Liverpool, I would have been pretty miffed at those decisions. The ref can only act on what he sees, but he just ain't getting enough support from the assistants. Decisions like that do tend to balance out during the course of the year, however they can happen at critical times and have an effect on final positions.

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Time for video replays? 3 appeals during a game limited to no more than 2 per half? Wont slow the game down that much and get clarity. 4th ref to advise the main ref but decision rests with the main ref. I really dont get why the EPL wont go for it

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