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7. Bridge St, Rylands St & Friars Gate - Miscellaneous.


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A very untidy and unattractive view of the south entrance to the town with the Academy garden looking like a building site, about 1897/1900.



A much tidier view of the South end of the main street, undated but possibly around 1920.



17th century brickwork on timber framed houses in Pattens entry, Dolmans Lane opposite.



A perfect view of the early tram terminus prior to the completin of widening the street. The chap on the bike keeping well clear of the tram lines, many a cyclist came a 'cropper' after getting their front wheel stuck between the gap in the rails.



Excavating the remains of the Friary at Friars Gate by William Owen in 1886.



1900. The flat roofed building on the right was the Seven Stars Inn, soon to be demolished along with other buildings, to be replaced by the Royal Oak public house.




Two differing periods of building, TJ Lee No.4 Bridge Street with the the stucco work on the windows is of a much later period than No.6 the Drapers & No.8 Shaw the Butchers, No6 having the rounded windows of a much earlier design also the wall of No.6 & 8 appear to be leaning forward from the later building indicating poor foundations.



Waiting for the Packet House Inn to open Lower Bridge Street. (A poor quality image.)



The Maypole Dairy and Boot's the Chemists, two Bridge Street businesses that would survive two world wars.



This is the last of Bridge Street - Buttermarket Street next.

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