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Red Routes?


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Could be wrong about this but our “Red" routes seem more pink than red because it looks like they’re not bothering to put down the double red lines.


I’ve just looked it up and its all a bit vague with local road planners able to call it a red route based solely on traffic volume but without applying any rules.


To my way of thinking, it’s all a bit of a waste of time because when we’re sitting in the queue, we don’t need to be told it’s a busy road.


Bill :)

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One of these signs has just gone up where I live (near King and Queen) to replace the old one. This says there have been 42 accidents (I think). Does this actually mean anything, as Padgate Lane has been there many, many years and 42 accidents in that time doesn't seem too bad?

Can't really see the point of them as I wouldn't try to read one while I am driving anyway.

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