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3. Bridge Foot - Old photos.


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Warrington New Bridge, Gould's corner leading to Knutsford Road.



The corner of the New Bridge adjoining Mersey Street.



Going home from the match!



Gould's Corner with Corlett's Building supplies, the mock Tudor building on the left of Knutsford Road.



Similar Photo, different people and the tide in the river is low, also no Cenotaph.




This photo was taken about 1928 as the town now has a new Cenotaph.




A hazy day looking towards Bridge Street.



1915. 7th April testing the new Bridge with tramcars steamrollers and people.



Testing the new Bridge - close up.



Not Bridge Foot.

The new Kingsway Bridge in 1934 is shown here under construction to provide a second Mersey crossing at Warrington..


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Testing the new bridge with people!? Don't think I'd be volunteering for that job ...

Tracy I'm sure that the people were not part of the equation, however I think I would have been watching from the safety of the bank!. :)


Hopefully if I get time today I shall be moving on to Bridge Street in the next topic.

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