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Guilty as alleged

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I have no personal interest in the thread, just curious. Money lenders and land-lords get a terrible press. Boarders and borrowers always seem to get lots of sympathy.


Albeit there does appear to be more than a little smoke, are lenders and landlords as bad as reported. There must be a second side to the coin.


Happy days


"A friend in need - is a pest". (Just a saying I heard, not my own view)

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Without money lenders there could be no credit - so folk would have to make do with what they could buy with the cash in their pocket on the day.


Without Landlords there could be no rented homes, and with no money lenders there could also be no mortgages - so folk would have to live in whatever shelter they could build with their own two hands.


Sounds very like life in a third world shanty town to me!

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