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One small slip - £70k bill


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Is it just me... but after reading this it would appear that there was snow and ice already on the ground which is how the chap fell?




Ok but what was the point of erecting these signs anyway as surely people were already aware of the dangers as this was January 2010 and everyone knew how bad that was for ice and snow :blink:


Now .... if any other people fell before the erection of the these warning signs could they also claim compensation from the council for the fact that they were not erected sooner ? I bet some will :roll:


So £70k compensation to one council employee who unfortunately seems to have had the wrong shoes on (better than being given the wrong ladder I suppose) and 150 pairs of council slip-on shoe soles at £13 a pair later the problem is sorted.


How come I have always managed to wear the appropriate clothing, footwear and used the appropriate tools without having a trip or fall and suing myslef? Answer's in the question I guess :wink:


PS the majority of those slip-on shoe soles don't work and are not 'fit for purpose'... so maybe people will start suing the manufactureres aswell as their employers now... double whammy :wink::huh:

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Ahh seems there is no need to worry about that now as we are about to have an early spring with temperatures rising and some happy weeks to follow.


Just wondered if anyone has ever successfully sued a wasp, a bee or a garden centre for injuries sustained whilst out in the garden?


Also has anyone ever successfully sued the met office when they get it wrong if 'we' take unpaid time off work to maybe go on holiday or just to stay at home to enjoy the good weather? :lol::wink:

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