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More waste of taxpayer's money -


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Panorama did a prog on the EU farming subsidy scheme. Seems money (our money) is paid out to land owners to keep their land fallow. Problem is, aside from cutting farm production, it's paid according to the amount of land owned, thus the richest (like the Duke of Westminister)are raking in £millions - yet another EU joke on us. :roll:

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There is also a trade in the subsidy "entitlements" so that a farmer who is about to retire can sell all the subsidy entitlements for his land to someone else (The allowance per acre is about £1100.00 per year)


The obnly trouble then is that whoever then buys the farmers land is not entitled to the subsidies as he has already sold them off to a n other who could live hundreds of miles away!


They interviewed some young farmers who were struggling to make their farms pay because they had bought them from farmers who had sold off the entitlement rights and so even though they are actually farming the land they get no help.


The person who buys the entitlements then just allocates the purchased rights to some land he may have that isn't farming land....(but that doesn't matter) and just sits back and watches the EU cash roll in!!


You couldn't make it up!

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Peter, the problem is that the farmers can sell their entitlements to people who just happen to have some barren old scrub land. (They used a wealthy land owner as an example who was buying up quite a lot of these entitlements to allocate them to his rocky useless lands in Wales)


When "proper farmers" then try and apply for the subsidies to farm the proper farming land, they can't get it. Now seeing as they are called "farming subsidies" you would think that they would go to the farmers..... but that isn't the case!

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Think Baz's post covers the nonsense of it all; we should be encouraging food production imo, not paying non-farmers to produce nowt. :roll:



Didn't all this come about because of the milk, butter etc mountains of a few years back?

The problem is that the UK follow to the letter every ruling that comes out of Europe. You don't see the French doffing the cap.


It is, at the end of the day, just another nail in the coffin of the UK. The fishing industry has been virtually destroyed, the farming industry bis now under sustained attack, most of our industry is foreign owned, and on top of that we are being told what to do by Europe and capitulating.


Roll on the revolution!!!!!

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As with energy, we need to inprove food security for the future, become more self sufficient and less dependent on imports; this means we need to help farmers to maximise production. But this EU scheme has clearly been corrupted, and it seems no one's getting a grip to sort it out, Sooner we leave the EU the better. :roll:

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As I have said on many occasions Obs, I am not a fan of farmers in the Eu, Europe pays for French subsistence farming, It has long needed a overall.


Nice try though Obs :wink:


Take those bloody blinkers off Kije. This was nothing to do with France or any other foreign country; this was the UK. The UK landowners are exploiting loopholes in the almighty masterplan to get money from Europe for nothing. Then when real farmers need it and want it, they can't get it.

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As I have said many times Obs, and because you cannot seem to take it in, I am not a fan of the CAP.


Since that's where the bulk of the EU budget goes, (nearly 70% of the total if you add together the direct agricultural spend and the proportion of the regional development budget which goes to rural areas) does that mean that you're not a fan of the EU???????

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