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CIA Director "So you've been surveilling a man the public regard as a hero?"


Agent Blondie : "Yes Sir, and the truth is shocking"


CIA Director : What ? Is he working for the taliban?



Beardie What Used To Be On Criminal Minds :It's worse than that


CIA Director: Worse - surely you don;t mean he's ...


Agent Blondie : - yes sir ......Ginger!


CIA Director : oh *****!!!!!



Roll credits

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I find it amusing that british actors are able to do a passable american accent but americans just cannot do a british accent. When an american plays the part of an englishman they always speak in cut glass Queen's English, like they have a mouthful of plums, and I don't think even english people speak that way anymore.

Dick Van Dyke's cockney accent is just a joke.

Sean Connery, however, cannot speak with anything but a scottish accent whatever part he plays, russian, chinese, french, all with a broad scittish accent.

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