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Common sense Judgement?


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Sorry; I meant people who act like President Sarkozy has done, in attempting to prevent others from having an opinion of their own. He may be convinced that he is right and they are wrong, but the facts don't actually come into it. The authorities at the time of Galileo were absolutely sure that they were correct and he was not, but again, that isn't the point. One should be free to put forward one's point of view until it is proven to everyone's satisfaction to be incorrect. Hence the "Creationists" and the Flat Earth Society.

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Have you ever tried to have a debate with a creationist. They have the same belief structure that makes Muslims blow themselves up.


Well there do seem to be significantly fewer Creationists about - even amongst the congregations of churches - than there used to be.


So either they have been blowing themselves up in large numbers (but quietly, so no-one has noticed!) or many of them have been persuaded by the evolutionary side of the debate.

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Seems Pres. Sarkosi's attempt to bring in a law banning (Armenian) Holocaust Denial, has fallen at the level of the courts; who've ruled it contravenes a constitutional right of free speech. So I guess Judges can get it right occasionally! :wink:



I am sure Sarkosi's focus is on getting the large French/Jewish vote behind him for the forthcoming elections in which he is expected to be a lame duck...one of his main rivals is a far right politician.

A bit of political expediancy by the slimy little frog.

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