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The Angry Generation


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I suggest that the new "angry generation" is likely to be the over 65s.


When people of this generation contemplate the mess made over the last 12 years by such as inept corrupt politicians, incompetent jobsworthy government employees, thieving corrupt businesses with thieving corrupt directors and even more jobs for the boys occurring in every element of the country they will surely become a really angry group of people if they are not already.


The only thing that seems to hold them back is the upbringing and inbred tolerance that is rapidly evaporating.

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I really hate to join the "I told you so" brigade, but a lot of people gave up trying to say this more than 20 years ago. I even gave up teaching after twenty years when I realised that successive governments really wanted teams of babysitters who wouldn't attempt to explain how the world works. :(

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