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Adding fuel to the fire -

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First of all Bazza,




We do not pray together. It is more usual for the women to pray at home.


why? thought everyone was equal these days???



Have to does not always imply MUST do.


so you reckon he would be OK telling his parents that he can't be bothered today because he wants to play football??? as if!!



Children are not forced into Islam. They do because they want to.

I would suspect that they do it because their parents do it and they would have no option.... an islamic society is not as tolerent as it is in US/UK.... you don't get many muslims becoming jews or christians do you?


How many on their deathbeds have said, "God forgive me!"?


well a truly forgiving and compassionate god would forgive..... so where is the problem in that? hypocrosy my be an issue when someone is alive, but if it is your last act; who really cares!!??

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pffffft! The damned americans are doing all they can to provoke muslims. They knew damned well that The Qur'an is the holy book of the muslims and is held sacred by us. If they were just clearing out

The mere fact they're brought up with "a religious belief system" makes them vunerable to it's extremes - which in Afghanistan runs from denying women an education and rights; passing laws in their Pa

Cleo, what I am about to say is not a loaded question and if you could explain to me in simple terms because after all I am a simple man, I realise it may be difficult because to most people religion

Wondering if Dizzy would allow me to post in arabic so that she will not realize that I am swearing like a trooper at certain members? :lol::lol::lol:


Tut tut and it's a good job you aren't a Jehova's witness Cleo :wink:


The answer is 'Nope'... cos then everyone else may want to swear in foreign languages too and I'd spend all my time googling the translations. :lol:

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I only know two swear words in a foreign language, learned it when I took a drunken plumber home to his wife in Lappeenranta and this is what she called him and believe me it was said with venom!

"hirveä paskaa"

The other one depends in what context you use it, I shall leave you to research it yourself.


I just hope there are no Finns reading this. :oops:

:D :grin: :D

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