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Song -"As if he knows".


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Read the text below before listening to the song - "As if he knows".


The story goes:-

At the end of the First World War the Australian Cavalry Regiment of “Light Horse” serving in the Middle East had a massive problem regarding the shipping of their horses back to Australia due to logistics and quarantine regulations, there was uproar when it was proposed that the horses would be sold to the Arab Sheiks as the troops had witnessed so much cruelty to animals already owned by these men, so the decision was made that the soldiers must put their horses down by shooting them, understandably no soldier wished to shoot his own horse so it was agreed that the each soldier would shoot the next mans horse, and so it was done.

There are no records in the archives to suggest this act was ever carried out or even proposed, other than by word of mouth and understandably the Australian Nation rigorously denies that it ever took place.

5th Dimension - Sunshine.mp3 - 2.28MB

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Gulp....I really wish you hadn't posted that Algy and I can't see what I'm typing cos of the tears :(:(:(:(

When I posted it, I wondered if it would tug at the old heart strings, seems as if you are the only one though Dizz. I'm amazed obs hasn't chipped in with some little known facts regarding the subject. :shock::blink::D :grin:

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Seems like you and I are the only ones on here with hearts Algy :wink:


It did really tugs at mine though and I hope it really didn't happen so in a way Obs' silence is good for me.


Yep I'm a softie when it comes to things like that hence the reasons I wont go and watch War Horse at the cinema. I think I'd make a right fool of myself :oops:

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I googled in the hope of finding it wasn't really true... seems it 'may' have just been 'hazy memories, misunderstanding and careless telling of the real story' accoding to this but I wish I'd not read it now as I've got a mizzo face on again :(


Australian War Memorial - They shot the horses – didn’t they?

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