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OMG.... The Damned are playing at the Parr Hall!!


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Oooh that's not a very nice thing to say Baz. They're not all that bad :lol::lol:


Anyway back to topic.....


Never heard of the Damned but I used to really like Adam and the Ants :oops: but that was about 30 years ago. I cant imagine them on stage now dressed the same as they used too though :lol:

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Well what can I say... I just youtubed The Damned to see if they are any good :unsure: Goodness me... lie down time :shock:


All seemed to be old clips but I have never heard such a racket in my life. They can't sing two notes in tune, they seeiming can't play their instruments and they just seem to screech what I presume are words but which are pretty much just a noise which is not actually recognisable... infact they appear to have not talent whatsoever. :unsure:


Ohhh dear Baz (or should I call you 'Punk' now ) I guess I am now out of your good books once again :lol:


So as hard as it is for me to admit it...for once I totally agree with you Adam :lol:

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Really Dizzy...what were you doing with studded belts!


But to be serious, you say they can't sing two notes in tunes, can't play their instruments, make an awful din, etc, etc.


Why are you picking on them? Most unfair. You could say the same about virtually every other chart band in the last 50 years :rolleyes:

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Baz - I like good music. I don't like all classical music. I don't like all folk music. I don't like all jazz. But I do find a greater proportion of these types of music are good than is the case with pop or rock (which, to my mind are one and the same anyway). And I respect classical, folk and jazz music even when it isn't to my taste. Pop and rock music I regard as rubbish - even when, as happens occasionally, I actually hear some which I like. I am entitled to occasionally like rubbish!

Unfortunately most people only seem to like rubbish!

The Damned, I don't regard as music at all! Dizzy's view confirms my opinion.

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