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Good Evening and welcome.

I am David Dimbleby, and tonights Question Time comes from the Irish Club nearby to a diy shop that sells nails and things in Warrington.


The first question tonight comes from the gentleman in the second row from the back. Yes sir, You sir, the one with the multi coloured tank top and big sticky out ears.


Hello Mr. Dimbleby.

My name is Wingnut, and I have two questions for you.


The first question is for any member of the panel.

Me Mam wants to know if the BBC are going to bring back Top Of The Pops, cos she wants to be a go go dancer in one of them cages so the public can?t get their hand on her, and interfere with her haberdashery and trimmings. Although the cage is optional, and she?s not too fussed about it.


She did have some formal training in her younger days when she was about 40. She went to Edith and Sidney Appleton in Winmarleigh street, but got waylaid by an Arab prince and she took up belly dancing instead. And Edith and Sidney only did the foxtrot and stuff, which wasn?t too good for me Mams varicose veins ta very much.


Secondly, and this is directly to you David.

Me Mam said, do you fancy meeting her in the tunnel between the two platforms at Central Station after tonights show? You can come back to our house with her if you want.


[ 07.02.2008, 16:02: Message edited by: Wingnut ]

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I take me hat off to yer lad. It takes a big man to come on an open forum and admit to the world that he is confused.

Lucky for you that I saw your cry for help. Me Granny taught me how to hypnotise people and make them do things they didn't really want to do, and give them hope. I can help you to overcome your problem.


{{{Look into me eyes}}} {{{Look into me eyes}}} Not around me eyes, not past me eyes, but {{{Look into me eyes}}}. SLEEEEEEP.


At any time in the future when something puzzles you. You will get a sudden feeling of complete understanding. No more will you lie awake in bed thinking of how do tablets and medicine know where to go to find the pain. No more will you have to put your fingers in the plug sockets to apply electric shock treatment to yourself. You will have a feeling of complete euphoria, and be at one with the universe, just like me. Hummmmmmmmmmmm.


When you wake up you will have no recolection of our little talk. It will be our little secret.



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