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'Ship Finder' Live maritime Tracker, on your computer


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Very interesting alg, but considering I use planes more than ships I found the plane finder more interesting.

Wolfie, If your into flight tracking here's a few more.


http://planefinder.net/ Excellent-real time, no charge better landing coverage.


http://www.flightradar24.com/ Excellent-real time, no charge.


http://casperflights.com/unified/?location=eham Good-no charge but 15min delay, pay extra for real time.


http://www.radarvirtuel.com/ Excellent-real time, no charge.


http://www.localizatodo.com/mapa/ Excellent-real time, no charge. for Spanish Flights, covers from Gibralter to Northern France. + Ship Tracking & Power Boat racing.


http://flightaware.com/live/ Excellent for transatlantic flights, need to register, no charge

Planefinder & Flightradar24, you can buy an app for about £4 to install on your i phone or Blackberry (I don't have that type of phone) and it enables you to point the phone at any aircraft then the phone screen will display all the data - height, speed, Company, where the aircraft has taken off from, destination, flight number, squark code, aircraft type, tail No. and if there is a photo

available, a picture of the actual aircraft. and no you can't get the stewardess's phone number.


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